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Vinyasa Flow Yoga: All levels welcome

When: Wednesday & Sunday

Get fit and get in shape in 2017!

Wednesday 1.15pm - 2.30pm

Sunday 7:00pm - 8:15pm

For booking and class information call Emma 07771 553733

or email

Emma is fullytrained & certifiedwith Sun Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow,Yoga Nidra, Family & Teen Rainbow Kids Yoga.

She is a Sweaty Betty Ambassador, Meditation leader, holsitic therapist, energy worker& Reiki Master

Her teachers are all of her students, all of life, nature, Shiva Rea,Anne-Marie Newland, Uma Dinsmore - Tuli,David Swenson,Sianna Sherman, Sadie Nardini,Buddha,Ghandi, Rumi and many more constantly evolving.

Her teaching style is aneclectic mix:

Traditional Hatha for Alignment & History.

Sivananda & Kundalini Yoga for Chakra, Subtle Mind and Breath.

Ashtanga Vinyasa for Heat, flexibility and stamina.

Core Strength Vinyasa and Prana Vinyasa for anatomy & energy.

"Emma’s classes are powerful for your body, heart and mind. My life, Yoga and meditation has developed vastly since starting her classes.I enjoy learning new asana, mantras and ways of growingevery week, and leave feelingsofull offresh health." Joanna

"Thank you so much, the retreatwas truly an amazing experience, which you organised so well and the food was out of this world, felt so inspired." Nichola

"Emma's yoga is a perfect way to start your morning! From smooth flows to fun and exciting arm balances you leave feeling stretched, energized, and ready to take on the day!" Sweaty BettyHarrogate

Classes are suitable for all levels of yoga,beginner-advancedas all poses can be adapted for all levels, all our welcome and Yoga truly benefits all sports and lifestyles.

A blend of flowing movement sequences, strength work, stretching, expanding, and breathing techniques.

Yoga brings union of breath, body and mind in harmony to expand with physical openness, connection and awareness.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow combinesSun Power Yoga & a more flowing dynamic and sensitive to the class practice.

Suitable and completleybeneficialfor all levels from Beginner to advanced, you work with your own awareness andprogressive stages are always offered for anyinjury, level and personal rythmn.

We focus on our breath, breathing fully to release any tension and linking this to movement, Sun salutations, strengthening sequences of warriors and different traditional asanas.

Standing postureswhich open and strengthen the whole body,develop balancing skills.We then move to back bends, seated, kneeling, forward folds, twists,prone and supine poses. These focus on developing rotational mobility in the spine, opening the major joints and stretching the whole body.Yoga is all about removing blockages, allowing energy to move freely around the body, we spend some time in each pose to gently persuade the body to expand.

Finishing in Shavasana, total relaxation, prana to shinebalance and calmness through the whole of your body, mind, heart and life.