Chan meditation and mindfulness classes in York

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Chinese Zen Buddhist Meditation and Mindfulness

When: Tuesday evening

Chinese Zen Buddhist Meditation and MindfulnessTraining in Yorkshire

York Chan group meets weekly on Tuesday evenings during term time at Millers Yard. The group is open to those already experienced in meditation and beginners. Newcomers are always welcome.

Timings We meet at 7pm to set up the room and start by 7.15pm. We finish and pack away no later than 9.15pm.

What we do

We usually start with tea and a short discussion about a related topic At 7.45pm we have a short opening ceremony involving reciting the Heart Sutra or other short texts (book supplied).
We then have three meditation periods; two sitting periods broken by a 10 minute slow walking meditation. The evening ends with a short closing ceremony.We hold an introductory and beginners session on the first Tuesday of each month which involves a longer discussion session and shorter sitting meditations. It is not necessary to attend a beginners session but if it is your first time meditating then this may be helpful. Otherwise, arrive early any week and we'll give some basic instruction.

What you need

We provide mats and cushions or meditation stools, however feel free to bring your own along if you prefer. There is no formal charge for attending, however, we do have to pay for hire of the room incense, candles, tea and occasionally for new mats etc.Because of this there is a bowl for donations, and we suggest a donation of £5 per attendance, but there is no obligation to donate.