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When: Friday 6 - 7am

Only Apply For Our 12 Week Morning Warrior Programme If:

  • You are 30 or over and want to lose those wobbly bits once and for all
  • You live in York and can train in Gillygate/Holgate up to 5 times a week (Mon-Fri 6am)
  • You're annoyed that you're putting effort into training and eating well but not getting the results you deserve
  • You're fed up of feeling like you're just wasting your time every time you go to the gym
  • You don't want to become one of those who has to eat chicken and salad for every meal just to lose a few pounds
  • You really do want to get in shape without being restricted and sacrificing your social life
  • You just want to eat nice, enjoyable food, train a few times a week, get in good shape and still be able to have a drink and have a meal out a few times a month
  • You're highly motivated to make a BIG changes to how you look and feel
  • You're happy to train in a group of other like-minded, motivated people with the support of knowledgable, supportive coaches
  • You want to drop body fat and add lean muscle so that you look awesome in (and out) of your clothes
  • You're willing to follow a nutrition system specifically laid out for you
  • You're serious about improving how you look (and feel) and are willing to follow a simple yet effective training system that is proven to get results
  • You are ready, willing and think that your own health is worth investing at least £5 a day in to massively kickstart your progress and embed LIFE LONG habits that will give you long-term, long lasting results
  • You are NOT just in it for a quick fix

We'll Provide You With Everything You Need To Get Back In Shape & Transform Your Body:

  • Small Group Coaching Sessions (NO long boring cardio) at our York locations where we'll coach you to make sure you're getting everything right, working hard, having fun and making a real and long lasting change to your body
  • An exact system that will take you from point A of feeling weak and out of shape to point B of feeling more energised, enjoying the freedom of looking after yourself again and confident, leaner and fitter,
  • We'll guide you through a simple, easy-to-follow process and teach you what to eat, when and how much so you can get rid of that stubborn, unwanted fat and start building the body you want without EVER going on a "diet"
  • We'll show you our exclusive bad habit breaking system and how it helps you to replace them with new, winning habits that speed up your progress rather than slowing it down
  • We'll also guide you every step of the way via email, you will never be left wondering what you're supposed to be doing
  • Our team (alongside other Morning Warriors) are on hand to support you every step of the way and answer your questions and queries
  • If you follow the programme to the letter you WILL lose body fat

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