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Dr Sylvia Schroer

Sylvia is a qualified craniosacral therapist and Chinese medicine practitioner (acupuncture and herbs). She also has four years experience working as a research scientist in the University of York's Health Sciences Department.

Craniosacral therapy had a profound effect on Sylvia's health, when a painful condition, from an impinged nerve in the neck was greatly helped and she was motivated to study it.

Sylvia's involvement with Chinese medicine began more than 20 years ago. Prior to this she studied psychology at University College London, and subsequently went on to co-facilitate an NHS psychotherapy group. Following an initial training in Five Element acupuncture in 1992 at the College of Traditional Acupuncture she studied in the UK (with John and Angie Hicks), China, Vietnam, Europe and Japan. Sylvia is qualified in Chinese herbal medicine (Kanpo) and was one of the first UK practitioners to train in Toyohari acupuncture with Stephen Birch and Junko Ida, qualifying in 2001. She does Traditional Chinese acupuncture in the UK and China and is additionally trained in Japanese styles of practice.

Sylvia moved to York in 2003, having completed an MSc in Complementary Therapy Studies at the University of Westminster, and received funding from the National Institute of Health Research to undertake a PhD investigating acupuncture for depression. Her research was used to develop a major clinical trial comparing acupuncture with counseling and she has published a number of articles in academic journals. Sylvia is also a trained Samaritan.

Most recently Sylvia has become interested in the field of Animal Communication, and completed a course with Anna Breytenbach.

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