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Ben Taylor

Born and brought up in and around the historic City of York, I have had a wide range of holistic experiences and training in health and well-being from all over the world and throughout my life. As a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), you can be confident and assured in all therapies I offer. Focus is on individual care; whole and holistic approaches to health complement each therapy.

Much of my twenties was spent in adventure, travelling and immersing myself in different cultures and traditions; learning about their relationship to health and well-being. It was during these adventures that I learned rejuvenation massage in a chikung (Eastern philosophy and martial art) peace resort in New Zealand, lived in the Caribbean surrounded by opulence and by the 'no worries' mentality, volunteered in Africa, and immersed myself in Asian influences.

I have been practising meditation daily since 2002 with influences from many teachings including buddhism, kundalini, transcendental and from various teachers. I continue to pursue my interests in holistic approaches to well-being and health in York.

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