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Andrea Chambers

Mobile: 07522 709665


Andrea chose to train as a Pilates Matwork teacher because of the enjoyment and benefits she gains from practising Pilates herself. "Not even remotely sporty", Pilates was the first exercise she wanted to keep doing, its appeal...

- you don't have to be an athlete to start Pilates, people with varying fitness levels practice
- it isn't about how many repetitions of an exercise you can do, think quality not quantity
- you have to use your mind as well as your body to perform the exercises in the most effective way
- you don't need to invest in expensive equipment or clothing, mats are provided in class and you wear something comfortable that you can move around in (it helps the teacher see how your body is moving if the clothes aren't too baggy but body skimming fitness gear is definitely optional!)

Andrea completed her initial training with Body Control Pilates, renowned as a world-leading education provider for Pilates teaching. She feels there is always more to learn and is continuing to undertake further training whilst still enjoying regular Pilates classes/studio sessions with other York teachers. Andrea is a member of both the Body Control Pilates Association and the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Clients have many different reasons for starting Pilates, Andrea hopes that as a result of attending her classes they are all more aware of how they move, can measure, in their own way, improvement and most of all, that they enjoy their Pilates practice.

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