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Joanne Merlini

Joanne Merlini is a York based Yoga teacher who creates a nourishing, supportive class. Having completed her training in Athens, under the guidance of Michelle Kaminski (The Director of Yoga Alliance Europe) in the beautiful style of Transformational Yoga (which had drew her in with its influence of Hatha, Kundalini & Raj Yoga), from this her love affair with India & my connection with her teacher. Shetrained directly under Swami Vidyanand at the SriMa School in the South of India first as a 'Master' of Transformational Yoga & later as 'Grand Master' - Yoga Alliance International.

Swamiji is the creator of this beautiful style which stems from Integral Yoga. Integrating the body, mind & spirit to find our true centre & connection with our highest self - Allowing that transformation to our best self, the 'Transform to Bliss'

Joanne is also a Level 1 & 2 Reiki practioner & will bring her intuitive healing ability to the class.

Transformational Yoga is a way to explore and connect with our dormant energy. To allow us to be our best selves, to feel calm and present, to stop the chattering mind, release blockages in our bodies, emotions, minds and hearts, connect with our hearts and inner guidance to hopefully touch that place of bliss.

What her teacher says about Joanne:

'Joanne is an excellent yoga teacher.. she confidently guides students through classes in a sensitive & caring way.. & inspires others with her patience, compassion & creativity.'

- Michelle Kaminski - Grand Master THY & Director of the European division of Yoga Alliance International.

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