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Charlotte Batchelor

Charlotte is a qualified Homeopath offering a combination of Homeopathy and Functional Nutrition and specialises in homeopathic detoxification therapy.

She has specialist interests in chronic illness & fatigue, environmental toxicity, allergy and working with women and children.

The basis of her work is the use of homeopathic remedies with nutritional supplementation, detoxification, allergy advice and elimination diets. She uses kinesiology as a tool to identify each client's individual needs and create a specific homeopathic and nutritional programme.

Charlotte herself developed chronic fatigue as a teenager and found support from homeopathy, nutrition, allergy elimination and energetic support. She has explored many different fields of medicine, health and healing to offer a unique, gentle, supportive, integrative approach that can benefit anyone for which it feels resonant.

She has been practicing in her own clinic at Quintessence Portal, Leeds for the past 5 years and ifrom Millers Yard.

Client Testimonial
"Charlotte has truly changed my quality of life. Her nutritional guidance along with homeopathic remedies have helped to ease many health issues that I've been struggling with for years. I would highly recommend Charlotte to anyone looking to feel better in themselves, both physically and emotionally. "

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