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Lucy Castro

Telephone: 07808401386

Lucy Castro is a singer/songwriter and natural voice practitioner. Much of her work enables people to free their innate sound, either in groups or one on one.

She believes in the value of bringing people together to vocalise, sing and create harmony.Through the power of the human voice, our connection to self and others is strengthened - which liberates and awakens. She own work has drawn on ancient traditions, toning, chant and the healing power of sound.

Lucy writes and performs as part of York based female acoustic duo Lunabaï, and is lead vocalist in alt/electronica band Coldharbourstores who are based in London.

She began teaching in 2014 whilst living in Luxor Egypt, setting up a local community choir the Luxor Song Birds. Since returning to York she has been giving individual tuition, and running regular voice courses and workshops.

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