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Deborah Brooks

Telephone: 07786 254 779


I have a life time of experience in both the weight loss industry (have worked for Slimmer Clubs UK and Weight Watchers both as a class leader and area manager). and in my own personal weight loss battle. I tried every newly promoted, quick fix diet that came along only to regain all the lost weight.

In 2014 I decided a new approach was needed if I was to lose weight and finally keep it off!

I have developed Simply Healthy having gained qualifications in nutrition, weight loss and weight Management, psychology, motivation and behaviour change coaching. I want to help others break the cycle of weight on weight off using techniques and strategies to overcome all the bad habits gained over a life time.

I now practice mindful eating, eating to fuel my body not my emotions.

I have helped others using these methods and I’d like to help you to become healthy and happy with the food you eat.

I’ve learnt you are never too old or too young to learn and make the changes needed.

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