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Rochelle Marsden

Rochelle’s life journey so far has led her to believe whole-heartedly that by taking time to connect

regularly with who we really are, what we want and what matters to us, we can move toward a life

that truly works for us. When we start to value our own inner wisdom and recognise our inherent

beauty, fabulous things can happen!

Inspired by the natural world, she hosts Women’s Circles and other meditation events, creating

nourishing space where people can really unfold, share with others, feel heard and move towards a way of being that honours who they really are.

For more information on upcoming events please check out or email Rochelle on

Reiki allows…

…for deep relaxation. It allows your body to rest on every level, encouraging balance and healing. It allows for flow. It allows you to just be, to connect to your true essence.

Choose to be kind to yourself today. Choose to gift yourself rest and relaxation. Your body - in fact, your whole being - will thank you for it.

I qualified as a Reiki Master ten years ago and have been on my Reiki journey much longer. It still never ceases to amaze me.

Reiki is a system of natural energy healing, developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early part of the 20th century. During a treatment, I will intuitively channel life force energy (the energy that is in all living things on Earth), to where my client needs it most.

Treatments are given lying down and clients remain fully clothed throughout. I will either gently place my hands on or hover my hands just above my clients body. During treatments some people feel warmth, coolness or tingling, some simply feel relaxed.

Reiki treatments take place at the lovely treatment rooms of Millers Yard CIC in York, North Yorkshire, UK and last around 45 minutes.

Treatments cost:

  • £35 for a single 45 minute treatment

  • £90 for a course of three treatments (£30 per treatment)

Special Offer for October 2018:

  • £30 for a single 45 minute treatment (saving £5)*

  • £75 for a course of three treatments (saving £15)**

*For bookings for October 2018 only

**Limited number available. Must be purchased during October 2018. First treatment must be before December 31st 2018.

To enquire, ask any questions or book a treatment please contact me on

Please don't contact Millers Yard to book courses, therapies and workshops. Please contact the practioner/teacher directly