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Hjordis Seda-Carmien

Hjordis Seda-Carmien has been dancing and practicing movement forms for more than 40 years.

Beginning with early training in ballet, she has studied modern dance, improvisation, creative dance and over 25 years of Belly dancing. Other practices have included Yoga, Pilates and Tai chi.

She has a Masters in Somatic Psychotherapy (Dance Movement Therapy, DMT) from the University of Naropa in Boulder, Colorado, USA (1997). Her formation has included training in expressive movement forms & techniques such as Authentic and Contemplative Movement and Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rythms. Grounding this is her study and practice of Buddhist meditation for over 25 years. This practice informs her teaching and her work in relating concepts of mindfulness and awareness as added tools to dancing and moving for personal development and mental health.

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