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Integrative Counselling

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Humanistic Integrative Counselling is a non directive, flexible approach which can be described as 'holistic' with emphasis on the human potential for creativity in a safe, supportive, non judgemental and encouraging environment. The key component is the therapeutic relationship between the client and the counsellor

Humanistic counselling evolved in the 50's when many psychologists and therapists wanted to look at ways that regarded the 'whole person' as opposed to the diagnostic 'labels'

Because of the flexibility of the approach, Integrative counselling and psychotherapy can be used effectively with a range of emotional issues including bereavement, loss, separation, divorce, anger, depression, sexual issues, sleep difficulties, anxiety, identity, confidence, illness, abuse, addictions, work related issues.

This approach is also beneficial with children, young people and teenagers who face further problems relating to school issues, family, friendships, sibling rivalry, bullying, phobias, exam stress, peer pressure, substance abuse, self harm and more.