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Pregnancy Massage

When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Massage has great benefits for the pregnant woman. With extensive body changes and extra tension in the muscular skeletal system, caused by hormones and a shift in your centre of gravity, having a massage can be a real life saver. It is designed to relieve pregnancy aches and pains and soothe tired muscles. This massage is carried out with comfort and safety in mind and will be conducted in whatever position is comfortable for the client with additional support of pillows and blusters. Lower back pain can be relieved as well as muscle and joint strain from upper back, neck and shoulders. Many women can suffer from sciatic pain or carpal tunnel symptoms (with tingling or sensation down the arms into the hand or fingers). Safe remedial techniques can be used during pregnancy. Alternatively treatments can be designed to help the client feel more relaxed, calm and at ease in their pregnancy.

A specialised body cushion which enables the pregnant lady to comfortably and safely lie on her front (with space for her bump). Comfort is essential when being massaged and the pregnant lady can chose a comfortable position and lie on the body cushion on her side with no discomfort on the hip.Using natural sweet almond oil that is safe to use in pregnancy and helps moisturise the skin.

It is safe to massage after the first trimester. If you are concerned about massage in pregnancy then please feel free to contact our therapists or your midwife or GP/healthcare professional.