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Meditation Therapy

When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

There are many ways meditation is a sustaining and revitalising experience. Used in almost all cultures of history- from the Buddhist chanting sitting meditation, to the Hopi walking meditations with chikung and Chinese influences. It is used and recognised for its benefits worldwide. The United Nations, for example, have a meditation room in their visitors centre.

During consultation, Ben will use his experience of over 15 years meditation and training to build a meditation that is right for you. Drawing from your own life experiences and circumstances, these are used as tools. A personal guided meditation will relax you and increase your alertness to deal with your specific needs.

Ben has used meditation in Buddhism, Taoism, Transcendental Meditation and Kundalini Yoga.

He often visits retreat centres for meditative enquiry and practices meditation daily.

Treatments are one hour long and where one session brings relief and mindfulness and some learning and practice, a group of three sessions deepens the experience and encourages development of your own practice.

60 minute guided and empowering meditation - £30.00

3 sessions including recorded meditation - £100.00