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Holistic massage

When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Holistic massage

Holistic Massage is a complementary therapy that works well with all other forms of alternative health care and traditional Western medicine. Through massage, tense muscles and stiff joints are relaxed, and nerves soothed. Massage can both stimulate and relax the body and mind. The stimulation of th skin, blood and lymphatic system aids cellular renewal, boosts circulation and removes toxic wastes. Holistic massage also helps to loosen the muscles and joints, and soothe the nervous system; and can help to improve muscle tone and mobility, and aid digestion. The combined benefits of Holistic massage help the whole body to function more effectively, resulting in an all-over feeling of well-being and deep relaxation. Holistic massage can help with:

 The reduction of stress and anxiety

 Relieving stiffness and muscle tension

 Aches and pains

 Improving mobility and flexibility

 Improving the skin

 Better circulation

 Deep relaxation

 Improving sleep

 Removing toxins

 Improving concentration

 Relieving headaches and migraines