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Somatic Coaching - Grinberg Method

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The Grinberg Method is a relatively well-known form of somatic bodywork in Israel, Germany, Austria and Spain, and not so well known in the UK. It is named after its founder, Avi Grinberg, an Israeli doctor who began studying and practicing various bodywork techniques in the early 1970s in order to better understand what created healing. After working with many clients with a wide range of physical conditions, he concluded that individuals are their own best healers.

From this, he began to develop his own approach, teaching clients to accept and allow the experience of pain and fear in their body and allow blocked energy to flow and from this, express more of themselves in their lives and to realise their inherent potential. His methodology has became a discipline that allows others to become practitioners and teachers, who guide individuals to improve their well-being and create the changes they want in their lives.