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Pregnancy Yoga Class

When: Monday & Tuesday Evenings

Pregnancy Yoga classes are suitable for any pregnant woman - from 14 weeks right through to birth.

To reserve your space for Monday or Tuesday, call Tamsin 07748851063

They are an enjoyable way to maintain fitness, prepare for birth, meet new friends and learn more about your changing body and how your baby develops.

Yoga poses are adapted to provide safe, effective exercise, working with the pregnant body and taking into account the individual needs of each woman. Classes teach powerful relaxation and breathing techniques alongside gentle, flowing yoga that help to prepare body, mind and spirit for birth and beyond.

Pregnancy yoga classes are a wonderful way for you to take time out to be with your baby and focus on yourself and your wishes for the birth. It's also a great opportunity to meet others and ask questions!

Practice movements and poses that have been specifically adapted to develop strength, increase energy and promote wellness during pregnancy.

Learn breathing techniques that encourage feelings of calm and control and may be useful during labour.

Regular practice can help deal with some of the side effects of pregnancy including: back-ache, insomnia and anxiety.

Classes can help to:

- Improve quality of sleep

- Reduced anxiety and stress

- Increase strength and flexibility

- Increase and improve blood circulation

- Strengthen abdominal and pelvic muscles

- Relieve aches and tensions

- Improve posture and body awareness

- Increase confidence in your own body and intuition

Classes are held in studios that provide excellent facilities and support with the aim of creating a calm welcoming environment for you and your baby.

Movements are specifically designed so that you can attend throughout your pregnancy (after 14 weeks). No previous yoga experience is necessary and are suitable for all women, regardless of fitness level.

Classes are limited in size, so it is important to book. You can join at any time from 14 weeks to birth.