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3 Day Foundation Course in Metatronic Healing 'Opening The Pathways'

When: Friday Saturday Sunday

Foundation Course: Opening the Pathways

The 3-day Foundation Course is an intensive personal healing experience that is open to anyone. Seven Attunements & Transmissions of high-frequency energy re-calibrate the energy system to bring divine connection, healing and to activate dormant potential.

The Attunements and Transmissions are interspersed with group clearance work, “lifting the story” from the places where the body has held traumatic or self-limiting memories and thought forms. The process stimulates powerful and positive life change.

The Foundation Course stands alone as an intensive healing experience for anyone, in any life situation. It is a rich and empowering course, designed to bring you into alignment with your highest self and your own divine truth.

What is the three day Healing Weekend?

Metratronic Healing begins with this first weekend - Opening the Healing Pathways. In it you are given, through Attunements and Transmissions, Metatron's Seven essential healing energies. They are the core of Metatron's gift, helping us to physically heal, lighten the wounding of life's challenges and strengthen our wellbeing.

What happens on this weekend?

A combination of personal healing, of deep rest, the nourishment of the healing energies clearing the energetic, emotional and mental bodies and opportunities to share, meet new friends and ask questions. On the last day you are shown how to access the healing energies so that your daily life flows and harmonises more easily.

How does it work?

The Transmissions 'tune' you into a higher and more creative vibration. They activate the heart centre and from the expansion which happens as a result of this, your true nature, which underlies your physical structure, is supported and amplified, returning you to greater health.

Who is Metatron and what is Metatronic Healing?

The source for this healing is Metatron who is said to be the angel of Divine Presence - a peace that passes all understanding. This Archangel has also been described as our "older spiritual brother" who knows precisely where we are and what we need. We may experience Metatron as a deep spiritual friend and guide.

Metatronic Healing is the method that has evolved since Metatron first communicated with Pippa Merivale - the founder. Metatron made two promises - one was that this method of healing would "lift the story from the body's cellular memory" and secondly, as we said before, to activate the Heart Centre which returns us to our original spiritual nature. Thus the path of Metatronic Healing is two-fold, to reveal our spiritual nature and to heal that which is in the way of that light.

One of the main obstacles to this light is the stories that we tell ourselves and those that we believe about who we are and how it is. To be healed of the charge that these stories carry creates a huge release of life force and a real invitation to live life not just survive it.

Is there more to do after this weekend?

It is up to you. There is no need to do more as once received, the healing energies gently work with you resonating and supporting the truth of who you are. But having received these healing energies, you may use them to deepn the healing for both yourself and friends and family.

Should you wish to continue your exploration after this Foundation Course there are six other courses which make up the totality of Metatronic Healing. It is a two strand weave: personal healing and growing and, for those that wish it, the Metatronic Healing Practitioner training. Whilst you may use Metatron's gifts for healing straight away, it is after the second course that you may choose to take the Registered Practitioners training.