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Metatronic Healing Intermediate Level 4 Day Workshop

When: 5th - 8th October

A foundation course needs to be completed before doing the intermediate level.

The Intermediate level of training is a core stage of the Metatronic process: the 4-day course brings 9 further energy Transmissions along with the beginnings of practical work, taking you to a deeper stage of integration, bringing deeper clearing and recalibration and giving you the core Metatronic techniques and tools.

The energies transmitted have a metallic essence: they bring a warm, fortifying energy deep into the life of the body and spirit.

As the Metatronic energies become more thoroughly anchored within the energy system, clearance deepens, self-awareness and personal empowerment is further expanded, and familiarity in working with the energies is greatly increased.

Students who successfully complete this level will be certificated to Intermediate level.

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