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Metatronic Healing Ancestral Songlines - Healing the Past Level 3

When: 1st - 5th August

Ancestral Songlines: Healing the Past

This potent 5-day course brings together the themes of the shadow, family dynamics and karma to lead you deeper into the hidden resources of your lineage, your DNA, your past and your future, coming together in the potent 'now' that gives you back to yourself. Subtle, deep-acting crystal frequencies work into your emotional body, the part of your consciousness where the hardest-set pains are held, but you are safely held as even your DNA undergoes gentle but powerful energetic shifts. The frequencies draw deeply on the knowledge you have brought in with you and the experience you have integrated or suppressed, to activate the latent, untapped potential that lies at the heart of your soul and cells. For ease and clarity, the course is divided into several areas of emphasis, though all these aspects of your being come from the same deep pool:

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