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Kambo Ceremony

When: Autumn 2017

Do you feel in need of a deep level cellular detox? Are you feeling fatigued, lacking in motivation, struggling to move forward with focus & clarity? Or perhaps you're just feeling 'stuck' in life, living with thoughts, behaviours or relationships which aren't benefitting you physically, mentally or emotionally. If you would like to discover how Kambo may benefit you in these, and other, areas of your life, we welcome you to join us for a ceremony of cleansing, releasing& healing with this sacred Amazonian frog.

Kambo is the secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog (or Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog), used by numerous indigenous Amazonian tribes for generations to increase mental & physical strength and stamina, improve hunting ability, medicinally to treat everything from malaria & snake bites to fertility problems and as a way of clearing dark and negative energy ~ referred to as 'Panema'.

Kambo is considered one of the most potent natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory substances known to man and provides an intense detox for the liver and intestines, strengthening the whole system and bolstering the body’s immune response to illness and disease to assist in treating any existing health issues as well as preventing the manifestation of future ones.

This deep cellular cleansing also brings the added benefits of increased energy, focus and mental clarity, increased resistance to stress, and overall enhanced mood and state of wellbeing. Energetically & spiritually, Kambo brings our chakras and energy field back into balance, helping release any stagnant energy and negative patterns of behaviour to promote greater harmony in our lives, realigning us with our natural ‘flow’.

The Kambo ceremony will be held in sacred space, honouring the spirit of the frog and working with other shamanic medicines and songs to fully support the unique healing process of each individual.

** If you are interested in attending this ceremony, please contact me so I can ensure kambo is appropriate for you at this time and provide further details on how to prepare for receiving the Kambo medicine, and what to expect during a treatment. **

Places are limited ~ with a suggested investment of £55 per person.

In Love, Gratitude & Service


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