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Discover Chakradance

When: Sunday 12 November & Sunday 3 December

Workshops at 6:30 - 8 pm

In virtually all known indigenous cultures, dance and sacred sound have been used as tools to connect to the wider intuitive self. They can help us to connect to stories and experiences stored deep within our bodies. They can help us to see and release programs, to let go of tension and wounds stored in the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Movement is Medicine, in the deepest sense.

We dance for self-discovery

We dance for healing

We dance for our soul

Will you join us?

Pick a date, or come along to both. Each time we dance consciously through our chakra system it is a new experience. As we change and grow, so does our experience of ourselves.

1.5 hour workshop of meditation, visualisation, intuitive dance and creativity. Art materials provided. The workshop cost is

£11 - £17 sliding scale, pay what you can afford. Places are limited due to studio size, booking is essential.

To book, send an email to, or a direct message via my Facebook page on You can also contact me by phone on 07943 543179.

For more information on this energy healing modality, visit