Awake Body Belly Dance Class wednesday evenings

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Awake Body Belly Dance Class Wednesday evening 8pm

When: Wednesday Evenings from September

This class is for both beginners as well as more experienced dancers – but no dance experience required. You will be learning and practicing basic Belly Dance movements but with an emphasis on expressive and improvisational aspects as well as exploring how the dance can be a powerful conduit to integrating mind and body and discovering the power of feminine principles. Not only is it fun, healthy and a great way to build community, it’s also a gateway to connect with your body in a positive, conscious and respectful way


Cost:Drop in £7, 1st class - 1/2 price, and discounts for advanced payments.
Contact Hjordis:awakebodywork@gmail.comor 07410 936302or visiting her website

Awake Body Work

I have danced everywhere in all the houses I have lived in.

I have danced in forests, campsites and on beaches under the stars.

I have sweat for hours dancing ballet, modern dance and belly dance.

I have moved and stretched in aerobics, Pilates and yoga sessions.

I have meditated for years on a cushion or moving in Tai Chi or in a Contemplative Movement group.

I have studied and practiced Authentic Movement, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Biodanza and Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms, ballet, modern dance, belly dance, aerobics, Pilates and yoga.

Dance, movement, and contemplation have been an essential part of my life ever since I can remember.

I have brought all my important experiences together to create Awake Body Work as a way to share what I have learned

I have learned that body, mind and spirit are inseparable. Like our bodies that are self-healing, we are continuously, often unconsciously, trying to move towards health, towards feelings of satisfaction and fulfilment. When we move, we can begin to connect with all the sensations, urges, feelings, emotions, longings, dreams that are felt in our bodies, and when we connect with these somatic sensations, we discover a lot about ourselves, essentially our truth. When we begin to listen to our bodies and our truth, to bring attention and awareness with an open acceptance and curiosity, we get in touch with an inner intelligence - the wisdom of our body. It is a wisdom of simply being and a sense of knowing, where we honour and deeply appreciate our genuine, fully embodied selves. It leads us to feeling a fullness and richness of being human with other human beings. And when we begin to accept all our experiences with a trust that we can handle them, we can feel a deep joy of simply being here and now.