Embodying The Goddess Within

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Embodying The Goddess Within

When: The first Friday of the month - starting October

Embodying the Goddess Within

“When we consciously embody the Goddess, we become the Goddess”
(Leesa, the Gypsy Priestess)

Given a chance to be fully ourselves, powerful and without imposed or perceived limitations, how and who would we be? Using movement as a base for inquiry and exploration, this class gives women and individuals who identify as women a chance to experience, in a supportive and compassionate environment, what it’s like to embody a sacred and powerful Self. Exploring themes and connecting with our body through sensations, impulses, emotions, and dreams, we practice being awake to our process and at the same time open to deeper parts of ourselves – where our truth and our creative and intuitive selves reside – our true inner beauty. The more we learn to value ourselves, the more apt we are to find ways to help change our relationships, our families, our society.

Bookings: ContactHjordis:

awakebodywork@gmail.com or 07410 936302 or visiting her websitewww.awakebodywork.com

Cost: £10

Express your personal dance

There’s a fundamental joy and sense of aliveness when we openly share our feelings and emotions, our longings, our deeply felt impulses that move us.


Open up to all possibilities… what do we long for, what do we need, and how can we be fully authentic, awake and alive in our lives?

Embody your truth and experience your true self

Our mind and body are inseparable. There’s a deep wisdom when we learn to listen to the intelligence of our bodies, and when we allow ourselves to be in the here and now.


It’s fun and great for your physical and mental health to move! The effect of focussing on the moment, being creative and letting go of our habitual thoughts results in a powerful sense of vitality and happiness!

Dance, when you’re broken open.
Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.
Dance in the middle of the fighting.
Dance in your blood.
Dance, when you’re perfectly free.