Meditation Intensive With Amita

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Meditation Intensive With Amita

When: November 16 & 18

Friday 16th November

7-9pm Satsang

Sunday 18th November

10am-5pm Meditation Intensive

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“There are many reasons why you may choose to participate in a spiritual retreat.

Replenishing your energy, feeding your soul, taking time out, going deeper into your practice, listening to your intuition, joining others of like heart, letting go of stress, Self discovery, and reflection are a few of these reasons. The many challenges of the current times affect us personally, nationally and globally. The mind can easily get caught in the web of fear, anger and confusion.

Going within directs you towards your inner knowing. You discover the great wealth of intelligence and love that dwells within you at all times, and this new found clarity brings awareness, stability, and grounding into your life.Meditation and contemplation are forms of retreat that you can use in your daily schedule.

Meditation is both a technique and a state of consciousness.Meditation occurs naturally when you are walking on the beach or watching a bird glide across the sky, listening to music or sitting in silence with your Beloved.Meditation is a natural state of consciousness that occurs when you are not caught in your thoughts or emotions. When the mind is still, you receive sustenance directly from within.

Gathering together for prayer, storytelling, poetry, or singing devotional chants and hymns are practices found on many spiritual paths. Coming together in community allows you to focus on finding the heart of our shared humanity.

In bringing these experiences back to your families, workplace and community, you are able to share this nourishment with the world. The truth of our humanness is profound, and retreat helps you stay focused on that truth.

Taking the time to retreat is an act of generosity for your well being. The commitment can be 30 minutes a day, a weekly gathering, or an even longer period of withdrawal. Time spent in contemplation is time spent honouring your Self. “ (Amitá)