Parveen Nair, YOGI -Jotirgamaya (The Light within) 17th- 19th May

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Jotirgamaya (The Light within) 17th- 19th May

When: Friday 17th Saturday18th Sunday 19th

Jotirgamaya (The Light within) workshops with Sri Parveen Nair

This is a rare opportunity to work with a true Indian Yogi from the yoga capital of the world Rishikesh, India. His exceptional knowledge and inspirational teachings on yoga and spirituality will shine a whole new light on your own practice and teaching.

These workshops will run over 2 venues, Millers Yard & the Central Methodist Church.

Cost for the whole weekend £120.00 - Spaces are limited!

Day 1 (17th ) : Friday evening at MILLERS YARD STUDIO 7pm - 9pm

Topic: Understanding the Mantra ( Asatoma Sat Gamaya ) and its relationship with , Who Am I ? A spiritual discussion based on the teaching of Bhagawans Sri Ramana Maharishi. Followed by some Bhajans and a Guided Meditation.

Day 2 (18th ) : Saturday morning Asana session CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH 10AM - 1PM (intermediate)

Topic: Embracing Hanuman asana, in this 3 hour session where we will discover a sequential practice to safely open up our body into the beautiful leap of Hanuman. You will learn a joyful and a safe path to prepare the body and mind for this pose .

Day 2 : Saturday Afternoon session CENTRAL METHODIST CHURCH 2PM - 5PM

Topic :To be seated as Sage Vasishta , in this 3 hour session, we will explore the dynamics of the this pose by sequentially building up into Vasisthasana . This practice will teach the students how to connect the upper body to the lower body in an asymmetrical way, working to educate the legs and the arms to find balance within.

Day 3 : Pranayama session Sunday class is repeated to work with a smaller group, choose between 10am - 1pm or 2pm - 5pm

Topic :Shanmukhi, the secret of withdrawing the senses towards it origin. This practice of Pranayama is accompanied with Brahmari . We will also explore many restorative poses to open the chest and bring the mind to a state of quiescent.

costs and bookings:

Whole weekend 4 workshops - £120.00 (early bird before 31st March £110)
Saturday 2 workshops - £75.00
Saturday & Sunday 2 workshops £75.00
Friday evening - £20
Saturday 1 workshop - £45.00
Sunday 1 workshop - £40.00

Please contact Dylan on 07841833956 or email us at to arrange booking.