Gongsphere – Sound Bath and Healing Circle in York 2023 Schedule

– Fully booked- Fully bookedWhen:

2023 Sound Bath in York Schedule

  • 4th February 6pm to 8pm – Fully booked
  • 4th February 8.30pm – Fully booked

New Times and Dates beginning March 2023:

  • 11th March 7.30pm to 10.30pm -Fully booked
  • 18th March 6pm to 8pm – Fully booked
  • 18th March 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 1st April 6pm to 8pm -Fully booked
  • 1st April 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 6th May 6pm to 8pm – Fully booked
  • 6th May 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 20th May 6pm to 8pm – Fully booked
  • 20th May 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 17th June 6pm to 8pm – Fully booked
  • 17th June 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 1st July 6pm to 8pm – Fully booked
  • 1st July 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 15th July 6pm – Fully booked
  • 15th July 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 5th August 6pm – Fully booked
  • 5th August 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 7th October 6pm – Fully booked
  • 7th October 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 21st October 6pm – Fully booked
  • 21st October 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 4th November 7.30pm – Fully booked
  • 18th November 6pm – Fully booked
  • 18th November 8.30pm – Fully booked
  • 9th December 6pm
  • 9th December 8.30pm

Welcome to Gongsphere, a powerful unfolding of sound, ritual and healing with Gong Master and sound healer Dylan George.

Sound healing is a beautiful, nurturing way to quickly help you feel more whole, centred and at peace.

Gong Baths, Sound Meditations or Sound Massages allow you to experience sound waves with healing frequencies that wash through your whole being, altering brain patterns and help you enter a dreamlike, deep meditative state. Tensions are released, blockages cleared, and the body energised by restoring its natural energy flow, bringing the body, mind and heart into balance.

Pre-booking is essential due to demand and limited space.

For further information, please text Dylan on (+44) 7841833956 and a ticket link will be sent, or please send a message to [email protected] to book. 

Cost: £20.00 – £25.00


Other benefits can include:

  • Deep relaxation.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels.
  • Better sleep patterns.
  • Improved mental clarity and concentration.
  • Quicker recovery from illnesses.
  • Cleanse and clear toxins from the body.
  • Awakens higher states of consciousness.

12 Planetary gongs, symphonic gongs, bronze gongs, singing bowls, flutes, stringed instruments, hang pan, didg, along with various pieces of percussion are used to create a mesmerising soundscape.

Ideal for meditation, healing, and awakening into presence. These powerful tones, frequencies and vibrations will cleanse, clear, soothe and rejuvenate on the deepest cellular level. The mental chatter can be silenced, giving way to a deep peace and stillness.

Dylan has been running sound baths for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience and care that makes each sound journey unique and safe.

“Wow! I’ve never experienced anything like it” – Paula S

“A deep healing and transformational experience” – Sarah C

“Thank you Dylan for a beautiful evening. I released so much and felt very safe in your space. Also had the best night’s sleep in ages.” – Rachael B

“Dylan’s gong baths are totally unique. He uses a multiple of instruments to create a soundscape and atmosphere that is totally tailored to participants and takes you on an incredible inward journey. An enlightening experience!” – Jelle V

”Thank you Dylan for the most wonderful gong bath. I found it to be a very deep, enjoyable powerful meditative experience and your caring soulful nature in performing the sessions allowed me to feel safe and secure” – Anne

  • We ask that you bring your own mats, blankets and pillows to make yourself warm and comfortable.

If you have difficulty lying on the floor a reclining chair can also be provided with advance notice.

Please be aware that sound sensitive conditions e.g. Tinnitus, Ménière’s Disease, and Epilepsy, and those with medical metal implants e.g. pins, rods, screws and plates, may be affected by the sounds and vibrations. Please inform Dylan before booking.

As a precaution, this is not recommended for pregnant women in their 1st trimester, or those with pacemakers.

These gong baths are not suitable for children.