Gongsphere: Gong Bath and Sound Healing

6pm to 8pm
8:30pm to 11pm
7th and 21st October 2023
In October, we joyously mark 21 years of Gongsphere’s transformative journey. For over two decades, Dylan has been harmonising hearts, minds, and bodies with the profound healing resonance of sound and vibration. 🌟🎢✨

Deep, resonant tones have the power to reach into the very core of your being, stirring your spirit, and evoking a profound sense of inner peace and connection.

Join us for a transformative journey as we venture into uncharted dimensions and awakening to profound states of presence and awareness. πŸ•‰β€οΈπŸŒŒπŸš€βœ¨

These are small groups and run over 2 sessions according to your level of experience.
Beginners 6pm – 8pm (Β£20)
Intermediate 8.30pm – 11pm (Β£25)

For more information, please text Dylan at (+44) 7841833956, and we will send you a ticket link. Alternatively, you can book by sending a message to [email protected]