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Anna Winstanley MCSP

I came to Pilates after attending a Kinetic Control course, where I learned that my own hip pain was down to muscle imbalance. My hip pain eased after only a few sessions of Pilates, and I was sold on the Pilates concept. Since my initial Pilates training I have developed a practice which encourages clients to explore movement in a way which feels comfortable for them, whatever their starting point. I believe the the benefits of Pilates are realised through regular practice and time – there is no quick fix or rapid results!

Anna qualified as a physiotherapist from York St John college in 2005. As a senior physiotherapist, she then chose to specialise in musculo-skeletal physiotherapy, treating patients with neck and back pain, sporting injuries and rheumatological conditions. Anna gained Pilates qualifications with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and has incorporated her Pilates training into her rehabilitation programmes.

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