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Alison Sayers

Alison is an experienced coach.After working for many years in the corporate sector in organisation and individual development, she trained to with the Grinberg Method schools in Berlin and Vienna, and now offers Somatic Coaching – working through the body to overcome the limitations that prevent you from achieving your potential and accomplishing what you want in life.

Using different forms of touch, breathing and greater body awareness, deep patterns of tension can be released and a sense of freedom and flow regained. Working to release old patterns of tension will enable you to experience these and achieve your aims.

She has worked successfully with clients on a variety of issues including:

  • On-going health issues: chronic aches and pains
  • Anxiety, nerves and tension
  • Career issues: what next?
  • Grief and loss
  • Lack of sense of purpose, or lack of clarity
  • Lack of energy, sluggishness
  • Managing your time: dealing with procrastinating and structure in life
  • Over-work and burn out
  • Preparing for critical meetings and interviews
  • Relationships and communications: such as developing strong boundaries, expressing your needs, respecting others
  • Self esteem and confidence
  • Stress at work, performance and motivation
  • Support during major life transitions

“I’ve discovered relatively late in life that the body is the basis for everything we experience: how we feel about ourselves and others, how we perceive and think, our ability to feel grounded, be confident, have clarity and engage our energy to accomplish what we want, our interactions with the world.Having gained this understanding, I am keen to share this with others. This means learning to be a body. We are born as bodies, socialised and educated through our early experiences to separate our mind and body and we suffer as a result. So coming home to the body seems to me to be most important!

I have come to working with the body after a career in organisational and individual development in both public and corporate sectors. Now, I partner with people who want to change something in their life, whether it is a physical symptom, a way of behaving or a persistent mood that troubles them. I teach them how to live in a more embodied way and stop the automatic habits over which it seems initially that they have no control,that prevent them from leading the lives they want and to experience more energy, spontaneity and choice.

At the outset of a learning process, we will identify and agree goals that you want to achieve. You can then decide to work with me for a specific amount of sessions, and we will review progress regularly. Sessions should initially be undertaken on a weekly basis in order to develop attention to body sensation and increase vitality and energy, and then less frequently as needed.The time required for your learning process will be determined by your starting situation and goals.

It’s never too late to change aspects of your life that are limiting you. We all have the ability to learn and grow, through out our lives, and learning through the body could be your next step. Taking the first step to break out of long-held patterns is an act of real courage and belief in yourself, and my role is to support you in this process.

My fees are £40 for an introductory session of 75 – 90 minutes to explore your goals and have an initial bodywork session, and £50 for a 60 minute bodywork session thereafter.”

For enquiries contact:

Telephone: 07802 421651

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