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Jill McArthur

Alex Hannay

We each have our own particular blend of resources and limitations, specific to us and unique as a fingerprint. That’s why my therapeutic counselling doesn’t provide 6-step plans, workbooks or programmes. It’s open, free-flowing and exploratory. It takes the time to clear a regular safe space in which to unpack the events, relationships and emotions that you bring with you to this moment. To think about your feeling and feel your thinking. To talk, to laugh, to be tired, angry, uplifted or simply just to take the time to be. With compassion, empathy and without judgment.

My therapeutic practice allies an understanding of how the past informs us in the here and now with a strongly empathetic relationship building based on years of experience working in palliative care.

I began providing therapeutic counselling to bring that experience working with bereavement, grief, carer fatigue and difficult transitions to meet a wide set of needs. I’ve worked with clients on issues such as anxiety, professional change, parenthood, depression, loneliness, the effects of the pandemic and the ongoing impact of damaging events and relationships in their past. I’ve also had clients who simply value the time to reflect and come to know themselves better in a calm, restorative space.

As an MBACP I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and trained at the Northern Guild of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

For more details please visit my website at I understand that reaching out can be hard – contact me through the website and we’ll arrange a 15 minute chat on the phone to talk through whether you’d like to take things further.