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Christine Crisostomo

I am a life coach and human resource consultant based in the UK and Philippines. I’m deeply passionate about helping people like you grow into your full potential, and on your own terms.

Whether you are a business or an individual, my work involves helping you identify the core roadblocks to achieving your goals. Then, help you come up with viable solutions based on values that you uphold. The success of your plan depends on action and accountability in seeing it through. My mantra is “keep moving forward in whatever you do,” and whether that is in your career or personal life, I would be happy to share my learnings with you.

A sizeable part of my work is human resource management. Companies of varying sizes have afforded me the privilege of connecting with different people. Working with small businesses, aggressive startups, and major corporations has taught me that it is of utmost importance to respect and recognize each person’s individuality. That, and to be genuinely empathetic. There is no one formula or method to be the best you can be. Everyone is unique.

I hold the opinion that second to achieving one’s life goals, is finding joy and fulfillment in helping others. I realized this early on in my career, where industry setbacks, such as limited resources or the lack of a solid and healthy culture, gave birth to difficult situations. Facing them taught me emotional courage, how to lead with empathy, and set clear boundaries. I found myself taking risks and adapting more agile ways of working. These were instrumental in helping others move forward in their career path. It was not easy, but I am grateful.

As I was developing my one-on-one coaching skills, I learned to go beyond the systems and structures of the work environment. I had to go deep within and tap into my emotional intelligence to hear what people were not saying. Then, guide them towards bringing it out in the open. It was key to helping each in their transformation. Every instance was profound upon learning that they perceived coaching as a feel-good experience.

To strengthen my intuition and to better help others, I have completed trainings in meditation and mindfulness. I integrate these in my approach to life. I encourage those I work with to go deep within, overcome limiting beliefs, and realize they have the courage to be who they truly are.

As a corporation, engaging your employees is vital to their productivity. They need to feel emotionally connected to be passionate about their work. The same holds true for an individual. That connection can only be forged by a positive mindset—not an easy thing to come by. It takes a lot of work to overcome fear and self-doubt. Even more so to recognize one’s true potential. But, it is entirely possible. I would like to help you get there.

Christine Crisostomo is an HR Professional with a decade of experience in creating and implementing initiatives to reduce internal business friction and building scalable and inclusive institutional cultures. Christine is also a professional life coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Book a session with Christine or learn how having a Coach to guide you can help achieve your personal and professional goals by contacting her directly at (+44) 7841 833956 or sending her a message at [email protected]

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