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Christine Crisostomo

Christine is a Professional Coach and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. With a decade of immersive experience as a Human Resources (HR) Professional, implementing initiatives to reduce internal business friction and building inclusive institutional cultures, Christine is deeply passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential, may it be for their personal or professional growth, and on their own terms.

As a Professional Coach, Christine helps her clients discover their true potential by identifying their ambitions as well as the roadblocks that may be hindering them from achieving said goals. From there, she then helps her clients come up with realistic objectives that are based on the values they personally advocate.

Currently, Christine also consults for various corporations focusing on the following skills: People Operations and Strategy, Employee Relations, Diversity and Inclusion, Talent Acquisition, Workplace Administration, and Coaching.

Book a session with Christine or learn how having a Coach to guide you can help achieve your personal and professional goals by contacting her directly at (+44) 7841 833956 or sending her a message at [email protected].

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