Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching combines the motivational energy of coaching with the depth of understanding provided by therapy, in a way that enables lasting personal change.

Coaching usually focuses on the path from the present to the future, building on strengths and potential rather than fixing faults. Therapy
(from the Ancient Greek word for healing) is mainly concerned with repairing psychological wounds, and so tends to focus more on current difficulties and their roots in past experiences.

To make sustainable changes in our personal or working lives, we need a clear vision of our future and our yet-to-be-realised potential. We also need an understanding of how our present ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and relating to others have been shaped by experiences and relationships throughout our life.

Therapeutic coaching uses bifocal vision to switch between coaching and therapeutic ways of looking at our lives. Its overall aim is not to heal distress or correct dysfunction, but to enable people to grow into more complete versions of themselves, to work more effectively and live more fully.