Holistic therapies, massage, acupuncture counselling in York

Therapies, massage treatments, counselling

A therapy is defined as a treatment that is used to cure or rehabilitate somebody. Therapies are versatile and can be used in combination alongside other things and to treat a wide range of disorders. They can be used to treat the whole body, a specific part of the body or to treat the root cause of the condition. Of course a treatment can also be simply for pure enjoyment, relaxation or the ultimate pamper!

To make sure you get the right treatment Millers Yard hosts an array of complementary therapies, self-help techniques and practical advice, from qualified, client centred practitioners. Combining physical, emotional and spiritual support to create positive change in all areas of your life.

We want the use of therapies to be seen not so much as an 'alternative' way of life but rather an inherent part of your life.

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