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Yoga classes are back!

When: Monday, Tuesday, Saturday & Sunday

During these times we’re running some classes with limited numbers to observe safe distancing. Whether you are a complete beginner or already have some experience, Millers Yard is the ideal place to learn and develop your yoga. Our experienced teachers will help you achieve your goals through skilled, caring tuition that supports your aspirations and respects your limitations. Our city centre studio is light, airy, warm

About Yoga

Yoga has been practised for thousands of years and combines physical postures with breathing to keep the mind and body healthy. There are many forms of yoga, but all aim to increase strength and flexibility and help reduce stress and aid relaxation.

Yoga encourages the body to find stability and ease in yoga poses (asana) and the mind to become free from stress and tension with regular practise.

Our classes introduce principles of restorative yoga and include relaxation at the end of the class.

Suitable for all levels ‘ from beginner to intermediate’ and for anyone who would like to reduce stress, recover from injury or improve physical performance.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

I am not very ‘bendy’. Is yoga about twisting yourself into knots and strange positions?

No! Definitely not. Yoga will help you retain or increase your natural flexibility and also keep your joints mobile. We are all different and yoga is about you and working with your body and mind.

I am not really interested in the ‘mystical’. I just want to relax and get fit.

People come to yoga for many reasons. Some want to develop various aspects and learn more, others are content with the benefits of their regular class. Classes are easy to follow – no funny words or strange chanting. For those that want to learn more about any aspect of yoga, there are opportunities to develop and expand knowledge.

My doctor has recommended I try yoga to help me deal with stress.

Stress, anxiety, insomnia are just a few of the reasons that bring people to yoga. Come with an open mind and experience the benefits of yoga!

I have problems with my back and I’m worried about exercising.

Yoga has a ‘repertoire’ of poses that help with a number of complaints. Sufferers of backache, joint problems and many other conditions experience relief from practising yoga. Of course, you should check with your doctor first and please make sure you discuss the suitability of the class with me before joining.

Do I need any special clothing or equipment?

No – just clothing that you can move in. Yoga is done with bare feet and mats and other equipment is provided by Millers Yard.

I am fit and wonder what yoga can do for me.

Yoga will enhance your fitness. It will help you retain your flexibility and prevent injury. It will make you more effective in sporting or competitive activities as it trains the mind and teaches you how to use your breathe. Many people come to yoga to help them recover from injuries. Remember, prevention is better!

What is the best age to start?

We have students from 17 to 90 in classes. Age, size and level of fitness are no barrier. Just make sure you join a class that is suitable to your level of fitness and needs.

Are there any men in the class?

Yes, but not enough! Some classes may be more suitable for men than others. Men are welcome and once they try yoga they are usually hooked. Come on, give it a go!

Why do I need to join a course?

Experience shows that it takes a few classes to start to feel the benefits and make yoga part of your life. Classes are limited in numbers so it is necessary to book a place.