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Jill McArthur

Dylan George

Having the personal mission of empowering individuals and strengthening communities, Dylan founded Millers Yard in 2006. With over 25 years of experience in holistic wellness, Dylan offers sessions that consist of Sound Baths in York, Natural Movement, Qigong, Yoga, Energy Healing and Sacred Sound to his clients.

A qualified teacher and mentor in the yoga of sound (Nada) Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Naturality, Dylan is also an Advanced Practitioner in Metatronic Healing, Reiki, and Gong Therapy that uses sound, movement and energy work to release trapped repetitive patterns of emotion and thought, giving way to stillness and presence.

Dylan currently offers Heart Yoga, Natural Flow, Prana Dance and Meditation, Heartmind Meditation, Qigong, Breathwork at £7.00 per class.

An hour and 90-minute sessions are also available as follows:

Sound On Soul Workshops (Natural Movement & Sound Bath), £15 / £30

Group Sound Bath and Healing Ceremonies, £15 / £25
Metatronic Healing, £45 / £60
Personal Sound Healing, £45 / £60
Advanced Reiki, £40 / £50

Book a session with Dylan or learn more about his unique sound baths and movement therapies by contacting him directly at (+44) 7841 833956 or sending him a message at [email protected]

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