Metatronic Healing

Metatronic Healing is a simple and powerful angelic healing energy that helps you feel more energetic, fluid, and happy. A session can be done in person or at a distance, either way the healing effect should be the same.

A method blessed by Archangel Metatron, the angel of Divine Presence, it is highly beneficial for addressing emotional and psychological problems that prevent you from being your truest self and realising your best potential.

Metatronic Healing is administered through physical recalibration and a transmission which can spiritually be reassessed at any time. As this resonates with you in the course of the session, it should uplift the divine, amplify, and encourage you to step more into the light and your truth. Simple yet profound, this creates a huge release of life force and an invitation to live life, not just to get through with it.

Practitioners & Teachers

Dylan George