Gong Save The Queen Sound Bath



6pm to 8pm
8.30pm to 10.30pm
4th June 2022
Sound healing is a beautiful, nurturing way to quickly help you feel more whole, centred and at peace.
The sound bath allows you to experience sound waves with healing frequencies that wash through your whole being, altering brain patterns and help you enter a dreamlike, deep meditative state. Tensions are released, blockages cleared, and the body energised by restoring its natural energy flow, bringing the body, mind and heart into balance.

We ask that you bring your own mats, blankets and pillows to make yourself warm and comfortable.
If you have difficulty lying on the floor a reclining chair can also be provided with advance notice.

Pre-booking is essential due to demand and limited space.

(Arrival time is 15 minutes before the event starts. No late admittance.)

Venue: Millers Yard, Gillygate, York
Cost: £20

For further information, please text Dylan on (+44) 7841833956 and a ticket link will be sent.